The Participatory Pedagogy event will be held at the 2015 SCMS conference on Wednesday, March 25, from 8:30-10:30 pm at Hochelaga 5, Convention Floor. This effort in collaborative pedagogy is designed as a hybrid panel/workshop/networking session that will invite participants to crowdsource strategies, tools, and resources for film and media courses that integrate media, technology, praxis, and/or activism.

At the event, workshop participants will work in groups to create course modules (e.g. course units) based on prompts offered by consulting panelists. The groups will have time to collaboratively construct a course module. After the modules have been created, the panelists (composed of dyads of senior scholars and graduate students) will provide feedback. The modules will then be given creative commons licenses and offered online for anyone to use. The working session will be preceded by a reception, which will offer an opportunity for networking and preliminary discussion of the topics.

The panelists will offer preliminary remarks and provocations prior to the event in multimedia form. Each dyad will be assigned a specific module topic (e.g., authorship, feminist media literacy, archives, difference, representation) and will use SoundCloud, Slideshare, and/or Vimeo to offer brief 2-3 minute dialogues on issues to consider in their assigned topic areas. These introductory remarks will help set the stage for the event and offer the open, collaborative, shared-space work embraced by the praxis of the event.

The Women’s Caucus, Media Literacy and Pedagogical Outreach SIG, Queer Caucus, and Women and Screen History SIG want to open space at the conference for scholar/pedagogues to work together, to think broadly about course content and design, and to create flexible and provocative course modules that will be shared with the broader SCMS community. We feel the conference is an ideal space for incubating pedagogies that connect theory to praxis and ethics/politics to teaching.

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